Unique CBD debuts facial serum collection

UNIQUE CBD was founded in London in 2020, by Oli White and Evie Marcer who had been looking – without success – for some effective products to help with their anxiety and sleep problems.

To begin with, White worked with a neuroscientist to help them create high quality, custom-formulated CBD oils and in doing so created Unique CBD. The brand’s first launch was Day Drops and Night drops.  And now Unique CBD have extended into skincare – introducing two  skincare serums – Protect and Repair.


Unique CBD Protect SerumProtect Serum (350mg CBD, 30ml) £39

The hydrating and regenerating Protect Serum is made  to preserve and strengthen your skin’s natural defence and barrier – and contains 350mg of organic CBD, which has anti-inflammatory and calming properties, to help protect the skin against harmful free radical damage and works to prevent ageing from environmental aggressors such as UV, blue light and pollutants.

Unique CBD Repair SerumRepair Serum (500mg CBD, 30ml) retails at £49

This is a an intensive skincare treatment that works overnight to rebuild your skin barrier;  improve overall skin health and diminish signs of ageing. Repair Serum contains 500mg of pharma-grade CBD – an antioxidant which reduces inflammation – as well as extracts of sea fennel and chlorella (to help firm skin and reduce fine lines) and plumping hyaluronic acid. This serum is designed to make your skin feel repaired and radiant. It can also  heal wounds and scars as well as reducings enlarged pores

Glass tested the both products and found they apply very well, “A decent amount of massage was required to have the gel completely soak in, but once it was absorbed, my skin felt clean, decently hydrated and without residue.

“My skin had a brightness to it and felt plump. I couldn’t tell if there was an effect on my under-eye bags or fine lines, but there were no adverse effects or reactions.

“The product feels clean and of high quality, and with the sleek design and packaging, it is something that I feel good about using on my face.”

All Unique CBD products are vegan, US Organically Cultivated, have third-party lab testing, are herbicide and Pesticide Free and are THC free.

by Caroline Simpson

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