Glass unwinds at Spa Nalai, Park Hyatt New York

THE journey up to Spa Nalai is quite something, up being the operative word. Entering the mysterious entrance of the Park Hyatt New York, manned by one person at a single desk, I was told to take the lift a few floors up to the main lobby, from which I would take another lift to the 25th floor. I left the bustle of the mezzanine reception area behind me, where guests drank coffee and hotel staff took enquiries, and made my way to the top of the building.
Park HyattThe pool at the Spa Nalai, Park Hyatt, New York
After a brief moment, I stepped out into the sanctuary that is the hotel’s spa. The lounge area, seen upon arrival, with its floor-to-ceiling windows and impossibly alluring sofas and floor seating, was drenched with light, and it’s quite unlikely that a lovelier view of the central Manhattan skyline exists.
Spa LoungeSpa Lounge at Spa Nalai, Park Hyatt New York
Covering 13,000 square feet, the spa features six all-inclusive treatment suites, four of which include private outdoor terraces with partial views of Central Park. Nalai is a word from the language of the Lenape people, the original tribe of Manhattan, and translates as “serenity”. The space thankfully lives up to its name, especially highlighted by the hydrotherapy area that features a lap pool, whirlpool and eucalyptus steam room.
Spa Nalai Treatment Room TerraceSpa Nalai Treatment Room Terrace
The central pool streams recordings of performances at nearby Carnegie Hall, so swimmers can listen to the likes of Mozart and Beethoven as they’re doing breaststroke under water. I’ve yet to come across a chicer touch. Other than providing the finest amenities for rest and relaxation, Spa Nalai is known for its seasonal and personalised treatments.
I was there to experience its Ultimate Renewal Facial, a 90-minute anti-ageing offering that they debuted at the beginning of June. The facial is based on geneO+ technology, a state-of-the-art exfoliating and oxygenating procedure that enables three processes to take effect one after the other, using a large electrical pen-like object called the Capsugen tablet that is rolled across the skin.
Spa Nalai Treatment Room SinkSpa Nalai Treatment Room Sink
My charming therapist Joanna led me to my suite, where I ogled the fancy Le Labo shower goods on display in my private bathroom while putting on my expensively heavy white robe. I then made a few steps to the massage table in the adjoining room, where Joanna carefully checked my skin under a bright lamp. She was alert to previous scarring (a result from picking spots − don’t do it!) and informed me that some extractions would be necessary later on.
This confirmed that I was in safe hands − never trust a therapist who sees a blackhead and isn’t eager to get rid of it, regardless of whether or not this is “included” in the treatment. With the geneO+ unit switched on and ready to go, Joanna began working the Capsugen across my face to exfoliate the skin’s upper layer, removing dead cells and preparing the skin to receive active nutrients. Following this, she massaged a thick layer of special nutrient-rich gel all over my face and proceeded to administer ultrasound via the Capsugen. This action cleansed the skin, preparing it to fully receive these revitalising nutrients.
Fitness area at Park HyattFitness area at the Park Hyatt
The last stage of the treatment is the chemical reaction that is created between the Capsugen and the gel, which eventually results in CO2 bubbles that are released on the surface of the skin. I could feel them gently bursting, as though a thin layer of foam was slowly forming. The physiological response this creates propels oxygen-rich blood to the area, which in turn increases capillary flow. Consequently, oxygenation of the skin is generated internally.
Spa Couples MassageSpa Couples Massage at the Park Hyatt
My skin felt extremely clean and revived; it had been sufficiently buffed and then infused with the good things that it needs to thrive. After the promised extractions, Joanna drew things to a close with a brief facial massage, followed by a thick mask by the organic, cruelty-free brand Isun, which the spa uses in many of their treatments. It was a thorough finishing touch, and exemplified the holistic approach I admire. My skin looked and felt splendid, and I was utterly at peace. Sinking into a snug armchair in the lounge afterwards, with a pot of freshly brewed tea, marked the end of a completely rejuvenating morning.
By Derby Jones
Spa Nalai, Park Hyatt New York, 153 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019
Tel: +1 646 774 1210 Follow the Spa through Park Hyatt New York’s Instagram.

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