Glass In Motion loves … Inside Chanel Chapter 19: The Time of Chanel

CHANEL releases the latest video short from their Inside Chanel web series, this instalment is entitled, Chapter 19 The Time of Chanel.

Inside Chanel is a project that, through a series of short films, narrates the story of the house and its founder. The earlier episodes have looked back at Gabrielle Chanel and her creations which generated the legendary brand that continues to exert a huge influence on the fashion industry.

Chapter 19, The Time of Chanel, Gabrielle Chanel’s love for living in the moment is explored thematically. Once confiding, “I don’t know how to be anywhere but in the present”, Chanel derived ongoing inspiration in the present, a time of true, strong, free creation.

by Livia Feltham

Click here to watch the rest of the series.

Video courtesy of Chanel

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