Great Gatsby meets the City of Eternal at the Spring Celestino Boutique Hotel

FROM my balcony at the Celestino Boutique Hotel in Medellín, hidden between treetops, the sunset’s rays are bursting through the branches and adorning my skin. It’s my first time in Colombia, and looking down on Via Primavera – the street where the hotel is located, in the heart of Zona Rosa – I can feel the energy of the start of my first weekend in Medellín; its sound-track provided by house music that’s being played at a shop down the road. This is the spirit of Celestino in all its glory.

Bedroom at The Celestino Hotel 

Lobby at The Celestino Hotel

Guests are caught between the best of both worlds: like being in a jungle retreat, but with the ease of the urban; in the treetops, but right smack in the city. There’s shops and cafés and restaurants, oh my. And never a dull moment. Celestino caters to the traveller looking to engage with the vibrancy offered by Zona Rosa; a traveller who’s young of heart and mind, looking to connect themselves in the area’s bloodline, wander through its small, winding streets, and get lost in crowds of friends gathering by its famous Parque Lleras.

Although location is one of its perks, the inside is just as important (and special). The boutique hotel – or “Hotel Botánico” (botanic hotel), as its main facade announces with metallic letters imposed on a gorgeous Art Deco lattice – has got undeniable flair. Having only 22 rooms allows Celesti-no’s service to be impeccable, with staff greeting guests on a first-name basis, always ready to help. Breakfast at Azul Salvaje offers a wonderful selection of healthy dishes to re-charge you for the day, while the rooftop jacuzzi gives guests access to city views.

Interior of The Celestino Hotel 

Exterior of The Celestino Hotel 

Celestino is like a terrarium encap-sulating the life and vibrancy of Zona Rosa, with deep greens, plant life, wood furniture and details, rich textures in textiles, and the shine of metallic surfaces in warm tones that remind me of the sunlight that kisses me from my balcony every afternoon. An unforgettable place to stay in Medellín, Celestino Boutique Hotel is a true reflection of its location: a small jewel where a bit of Great Gatsby meets the City of Eternal Spring.

by Regner Ramos

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