Gucci and Christie’s launch digital art and fashion auction

STEPPING into the future of fashion alongside Christie’s, the reputable auction house, Gucci launches Future Frequencies: Exploration in Generative Art and Fashion.

Future Frequencies is a collaborative auction spotlighting the work of many reputable digital artists including Zach Lieberman, Botto, Helena Sarin, DRAUP and more. The sale comprises 21 NFT pieces exploring the bridge between fashion, art and technology.

Minne Atairu, Beaded Braids Study I, 2023

With AI on the rise, the auction acts as a trailblazing example of how brands and companies alike can utilise technology to broaden their presence in the online world. Despite AI and NFTs being a somewhat controversial topic, Gucci and Christie’s are keen to use their platform as a way to push boundaries in relation to Web 3.0 software and discourse.

The auction displays the ways in which we can utilise technology in a creative way to aid our own practice, in lieu of trepidation and anxiety towards such digital progress. It is an ideal platform to showcase the pioneering, fashion-orientated work being created by these digital creators.

Iskra Velitchkova, postmachine, 2023

Different pieces of work are created using code, algorithms, 3D and more to demonstrate the expansiveness of digital creations in relation to the fashion industry. Gucci truly encourages this agenda having previously hosted The Next 100 Years of Gucci, their first NFT auction back in 2022.

The auction will take place on Christie’s 3.0 with bidding taking place between July 18 – 25, 2023. The works will be simultaneously presented on Gucci Art Space, the House’s immersive, digital gallery.

With such diverse artists showcasing their work, the auction possesses the power to reinvent and redefine fashion in digital spaces.

by Sophie Richardson

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