Dior Maison pays ode to Paris in the Plan de Paris homeware collection

EXPANDING their impressive selection of homeware products, Dior Maison releases the new Plan de Paris collection. The collection features the map of Paris motif, which was initially revealed by Maria Grazia Chiuri during the spring-summer 2023 collection.

The Plan de Paris creations include a range of elegant, refined homeware items such as embroidered cushions, placemats and various dining plates, all adorned with the map design.

Describing the motif, Chiuri said: “It’s not only a physical map, it’s also a mental map…Each of us when we’re walking in a city in some way has our own references that somehow make the city feel closer to us.”

The map is intricately detailed and reiterates the importance of the City of Light to the French Maison. It acts as an ode to the heritage of Dior and pays homage to locations such as Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré – the street where Dior found his lucky star, which eventually led to the beginning of his couture adventure.

Nowadays, 30 Avenue Montaigne is also a key address to the Maison and is the location of the Parisian flagship store. By drawing inspiration from the city itself, the Plan de Paris collection highlights the ever-lasting, powerful history between the Maison and its home capital.

by Sophie Richardson

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