Guerlain launches Rouge G Legendary Reds collection

IN 1828, Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain released his first red liquid lip and cheek colour, titled Bloom of Rose. A marker for what has gone on to be an almost two century-long bond between Guerlain and the colour red. To celebrate this heritage, the brand has now launched their Rouge G Legendary Reds collection.

Guerlain Rouge G Legendary Reds collection

Three different shades of red created throughout their history have been reinterpreted in two different finishes – satin and matte – and each one is associated with the year of their creation: 1830 Rouge Du Tigre, 1870 Rouge Imperial and 1925 Roi Des Rouges. Three different historical interpretations of the iconic red lip.  

Starting in 1830, they were inspired by Asian Lacquer art to create a burning brick-like red. Following this is a tone which adorned the lips of 19th century aristocracy.

The house was influenced by the rich fabrics worn by these historical royal figures and reproduced it in a deep berry shade. The third is a colour to match the vibrancy of the roaring twenties, Roi Des Rouges is the boldest and brightest red of the trio. 

Guerlain 1830 Rouge Du Tigre

Guerlain 1870 Rouge Imperial

1925 Roi Des Rouges

Each of the new products are encased in a velvet shell to mimic the soft feel they have on the skin. One step further than this is the limited edition case titled the Legendary Bee Prestige. A product released in homage to the symbol of the house; a bumble bee.

Parisian artisans worked to embroider each lipstick case with the emblem made out of gold and red pearls – a kind of pièce de résistance of Guerlain luxury. 

Guerlain Legendary Bee Prestige


By Pia Brynteson

All products now available for purchase at Guerlain