Harmony Korine traverses boundaries of medium with exhibitions at Gagosian and St Barth’s Eden Rock

He is a famously raw filmmaker with a renown for skank and grit, for non-convention, for cinéma-vérité, for deep glimpses into the various milieus of youthdom. He is not-so-famously a fine artist, photographer and book-maker. His entrée onto the fine arts scene, having begun growing traction a decade plus ago, began with photography and with collaborative work, and has now culminated into solo exhibits – at the Gagosian Gallery and Eden Rock Gallery, St Barths, respectively – of a more traditional form: painterly works, featuring acrylic and oil paints and mixed-media on canvases. Earlier last year Korine’s work was on view at Gagosian Park Avenue in New York, and a few weeks ago his paintings went on view at the Eden Rock ; Just last week another of his exhibits opened at Gagosian Beverly Hills.

h korine

Like John Waters, having forayed into the art scene once becoming a prolific filmmaker, or Julian Schnabel, who similarly achieved the reverse mobility, Korine has firmly become situated within a second, separate (though inextricable from filmmaking) medium of recognition. His fine artworks are chaotic, multi-medium expressions of erraticism, ineffably paralleling the unaffected tone of his films in their unabashed nature, if not their characteristic Korinian looseness.

Korine’s artwork will be on display at the Gagosian Eden Rock Gallery in St Barths atop the iconic hotel Eden Rock through the end of the month, and at Gagosian Beverly Hills through mid-February.

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by Emily Rae Pellerin

Images via Gagosian Gallery