Hermès Beauty launch new Rouge Gala lipstick

ROUGE Hermès has unveiled a new exclusive addition, Rouge Gala, a lipstick in the shade red, China’s most symbolic colour and a representative of joy and good fortune.

The latest addition delves into Hermès’ history, the notion of the bride de gala. The brand received a special order from China in 1884 to design the harness of a ceremonial five-seater coupé made by Mühlbacheras.

The harness’ construction was lightweight and aerodynamic, elevating the sophisticated urban carriage and allowing the horse freedom of movement. The harness was practical and elegant, fabricated from red Morocco leather and emphasised the horses’ pristine coats.

The harness and carriage have inspired various Hermès products, such as their silk scarves titled Coupé de Gala and Brides de Gala.

Rouge Gala Lipstick

Designed by Pierre Hardy to welcome the Year of the Tiger, it was made to honour the pomegranate, a fruit which signifies and celebrates luck and vitality.

The Rouge Gala is a satin lipstick which sits inside a black and white lacquer and brushed gold casing. It offers a reddish brown shade and displays depth and elegance specific to the warm, soft red colour designed by Gregoris Pyrpylis, creative director of Hermès Beauty.

Rouge Gala Lipstick Case

The lipstick is refillable and is replaceable with any shade of Rouge Hermè. In completion, the object is placed inside a refined and subtly embroidered pouch with a bridle illustrated from red thread.

by Nicole Pereira