Hogan continues to be sustainably conscious with the Hogan Untraditional shoe

QUESTIONING how we define classic, Hogan saw it as being “something that has not finished telling what needed to be told”.

With this in the mind, the Italian luxury brand unveiled the Hogan Untraditional, a shoe that pays homage to the year of 1986 which saw them take the first steps to creating a luxury sneaker, something unheard of at the time.

Hogan Untraditional Hogan Untraditional

Hogan Untraditional Hogan Untraditional

Once again taking inspiration from their successful past and bringing tradition to the forefront of innovation, the Untraditional sneaker is designed to balance modernity with their classic aesthetic.

Inspired by cricket, the shoe has a recycled white cotton canvas underlined with a honey yellow coloured sole coming together to create a clean, unstated everyday trainer.

Showcased in a special video entitled (Not) A Traditional Love Letter, Hogan reinforces its environmentally conscious outlook once again as it promotes its 3R Project – recycle, reuse, reduce. Wanting to take the steps towards a more green future, this shoe embodies the values of this initiative.


The Hogan Untraditional is available in cream, black and a warm khaki colour.

by Imogen Clark 

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