Indeed Laboratories Vitamin C 24 – vitamin C cream

MY three favourite words in skincare “pea-sized amount” are in the instructions of this luxurious feeling facial moisturiser Indeed Laboratories Vitamin C24 – this means a little goes a long way. But a little only goes a long way if it glides on effortlessly, which indeed it does.  My least favourite two words in skincare are “apply daily” because like anything to make you feel better – exercise- diet, vitamins, it’s something you have to do by routine, surely one of the most joy-sucking elements of life.

But hooray! Application of this cream is an effortless delight and it will be a routine you will love immediately It has the lightness of a cream but the gravitas of a serum. Result!

IndeedLabs, VitC30 Serum CREAMIndeed Laboratories Vitamin C24 – vitamin C cream


It feels so very lovely going on, and your skin feels so porcelain smooth after you apply it (even mature late-40s skin, like mine) that you really do look forward not only to applying it and feeling immediate benefits –a silky, brighter texture to your city sick or ruddy country complexion – but you sort of fish about for compliments that are, in this case, deserved.  It takes immense discipline not to stroke your face after application and not to implore your nearest and dearest to do the same: “Touch my face! Doesn’t it feel nice?”

With the requisite hyaluronic acid – the dermatological dream ingredient, and a stable version of cell-renewing Vitamin C which penetrates the skin – this not only looks and feels great on its own, but also provides a sleek foundation for any make up you wish to apply. Better still, you don’t have to wait weeks to see the effects. You may not look 10 years younger right away, but your skin immediately improves in feel and glow effect. If, after a few weeks, your friends start asking you if you’ve “had work done” hand them a tube of this.

by Michele Kirsch

Indeed Laboratories Vitamin C24 – vitamin C cream (30ml) £16.66 is available here

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