Glass meets the London-born, LA-based hairstylist Sheridan Ward

GLASS meets up with the London-born, LA-based hairstylist Sheridan Ward.

How did you come to start out as a hairstylist?
I started out in a salon back in London which is where I’m from, and released very quickly that there was more to it.. and after one random email to an agency, I landed my first show at LFW working under the incredibly talented Sam McKnight (who I hadn’t actually heard of at that time).

I was terrified, but I must have done OK as they asked me back to help the following day. At this point, I now knew who Sam was and realised he was huge deal. I was even more nervous the following day and six years later we were still working together as part of his core team, traveling the world and doing such shows as Chanel, Fendi, Tom Ford and Westwood.


Sheridan Ward. Photograph: Ssam Kim

You worked for many fashion houses. How was the experience?
Working backstage was amazing experience seeing all the looks and how the different artist collaborate to create these numerous styles that influence the world of fashion – experiencing these shows first hand and traveling the globe, seeing how the designers work close up, as well as all the amazing make up teams. you’re basically getting paid to learn from the best in the business in three words – motivating, inspiring, fabulous.

You started your career in London. What made you move to LA?
After working my socks off and building up my editorial portfolio back home in the UK, it seemed a shame not to put it all to good use, so I decided to take myself off and see how the other side of industry was getting on and Landed here in LA. I have been here five years now, working with Hollywoods finest, it has been a dream come true working with some of my fave actors that I admire from the big screen.


Ward’s work-station. Photograph: Sheridan Ward


You have an editorial background, but are now based in LA which is very hollywood. How do you balance runway with red carpet?
Thanks to my editorial background it was a smooth transition..  runway and high fashion hair works very well on the red carpet, you have to make it a little more wearable, but the vibe is still there, its nice to give hollywood something a little different. The beach here is my haven and having the ocean only a short drive away it really helps me to stay  balanced and focused on whats ahead and clear my mind.

What is the most challenging part of being a hairstylist in LA?
I guess the most challenging thing for anyone creative is to stay current and keep you finger on the pulse, fashion and trends change so often, so its always good to play and create and keep coming up with different ways to do things and being aware of whats happening in the world and be able to adapt are key. i always recommend travel as my top tip for inspiration … so go, do it, go look and really take it all in, be interested and interesting.

Ward’s editorial for Glass Magazine. Photographs: Ssam Kim

Where do you find your inspiration?
I often find inspiration from film and tv, especially the classics, the old Hollywood styles of golden age of Hollywood are still relevant now. But I have to say I love to people watch, that really is the biggest inspiration. I remember seeing a woman on a train in paris, and being transfixed at her hair, the casualness of which she had thrown it up into a style was so clumsy and off set,, but so incredibly beautiful and whimsical all at the same time, there is so much magic in the unknown. It inspired many a look for me that day.

How would you describe your styling aesthetic?
I love all styles, from sleek, sharp and chic to soft textured and modern, but it all depends on the occasion and the dress. I am an extremely visual person so once I see what is being worn the ideas flood in and I know right away what styles will work or not for that particular look.

Ward’s editorial for Glass Magazine. Photographs: Ssam Kim

What makes you different to other hairstylists?
We all have a different eye and aesthetic, it believe its not just your actual skill but your personality, passions taste and sensibilities which all make you the artist that you are. Be you be true.

Can you tell me more about hair trends this AW18 season?
I feel this season there will still be a lot of surprises in store, but what I love is that hair is going back to beautiful basics a.k.a “model-off-duty” look’ clean healthy hair, one colour, glossy with a relaxed texture, done but not too done, wearable, beautiful and natural.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I would like to have a product hair line out by then, I have so many ideas for products and tools over past 10 years. Still working and happy and making women and men look and feel beautiful in front of the camera. Maybe with a home outside the city for weekend getaways, a dog, a husband and a little garden. That would be quite lovely.

Sheridan is on Instagram @sheridanwardhair

by Ssam Kim

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