Kenzo reimagines the Kenzo Varsity Jacket

ARTISTIC Director Nigo has unleashed a playful side of Kenzo, introducing the Varsity Jungle collection for spring 2023. Rooted in the brand’s affinity for the Ivy League spirit, this collection offers a fresh twist on the iconic varsity jacket, celebrating founder Kenzo Takada’s passion for nature and animals.

The collection’s signature elements are the elephant and tiger prints, paying homage to Takada’s legacy. The elephant, symbolising exceptional memory and Takada’s favourite animal, and the tiger, first featured in Kenzo collections in 1975, roar to life in Nigo’s distinctive designs. The elephant graphic draws inspiration from 1950s sailor tattoos, while the tiger design debuted in the autumn/winter 2022 collection.

The brand’s Varsity Jungle offers a vibrant wardrobe, featuring printed cotton T-shirts, embroidered jersey sweatshirts, and jersey cardigans adorned with these spirited animal motifs. The elephant varsity lineup comes in black, white, blue, and pink, while the tiger varsity roars in black, white, red, and green.

To celebrate the collection’s launch, Kenzo collaborated with photographer Frank Lebon, capturing a powerful sense of community through images of families and crews wearing the iconic Tiger and Elephant designs. This campaign exudes togetherness, showcasing the lively spirit of Kenzo’s Varsity Jungle.

by Zlata Kryudor 

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