Dior celebrates diversity in new Gris Dior campaign

IN A world where contrasts reign supreme, Dior‘s new Dare in Gris Dior campaign has managed to capture the true essence of a new generation. Celebrating diversity and authenticity, the luxury fashion house has assembled a group of remarkable artists who embody the spirit of today’s multicultural idols.

As each artist draws inspiration from the scent of Gris Dior, their unique personalities emerge, harmonising with the fragrance’s multifaceted notes. Captured by the visionary lens of avant-garde director Bardia Zeinali and renowned fashion photographer Mikael Jansson, the campaign exudes creative intensity and unapologetic strength.

Dare in Gris Dior showcases the vibrant charisma of Maya Hawke, the enchanting allure of Fai Khadra, the soaring spirit of Thuso Mbedu, the unfiltered essence of Orelsan, the fearless attitude of Jenna Ortega, the candid vulnerability of Joseph Quinn, and the chromatic plunge of Liu Yu Xin.

Dior invites these artists to share their daring dreams, accomplishments, and aspirations. United by their talent and audacity, they serve as models of inspiration for a generation seeking to redefine norms. Grey becomes their leitmotif, their carte blanche—a symbol of the boundless possibilities they embody.

Together, these remarkable individuals form a collective that transcends boundaries. With Gris Dior, they revel in a moment of total freedom, embracing the audacity to dare, to do, to dream, and embrace our own daring spirit.

by Zlata Kryudor

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