Kim Jones elevates workwear with the Dior Denim Capsule

KIM JONES has recently unveiled his newest collection for Dior titled, The Dior Denim Capsule, which delves into the exploration of denim and its classic, architectural and intrinsically functional attributes.

The capsule pays homage to the relentless blue jean fabric while constructing silhouettes that permeate qualities of elegance, causality and modernity, comprehensively integrating simplicity and comfort.

The Dior Denim Capsule 2023

The theme of sophisticated everyday wear is prominent throughout the collection through its refined detailing and structured yet slightly oversized fits. The garments featured include various silhouettes such as pants and shirts in various hues of white, black, light blue, dark blue and a faded-like denim colour.

Paired with the jean garments are pinstriped blue and white shirts, turtle necks, Christian Dior labelled boxers, blazers, cardigans and basics such as white t-shirts and shirts, creating the foundations of the ideal wardrobe.

The Dior Denim Capsule 2023

Delicate details pay homage to the founding couturier’s heritage throughout the collection such as the demonstration of the House emblems, namely their esteemed Dior signature embossed on a leather fragment attached to the back of various jean trouser pockets alongside their renowned Dior Oblique motif, appearing on the B33 tennis shoes and trimming specific garment linings.

The Dior Denim Capsule 2023

The famed cream and navy toile inherent to the brand, designed by Marc Cohan in 1967, fabricates a weekender bag showcasing that The Dior Denim Capsule stands as a celebration of the Dior style.

by Nicole Pereira

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