LFWM SS20: Iceberg

ITALIAN fashion house Iceberg presents their SS20 with a new sense of positive rebellion. A celebration of 1980s pop culture, the collection hones back to the punks of Kings Road and the South Kensington Goths. Blending together gothic style with sports-wear, Iceberg delves into more provocative themes for its newest collection. A homage to its vintage collections, Iceberg continues its pursuit of mixing youth culture with street-style. Creative director James Long reimagines the contemporary man, Iceberg presents an eclectic combination of tailoring, street-wear and sports-luxe, bringing together monochromes and neon in one expansive colour palette.


The collection pulls together different pop culture symbols, from Disney’s Mickey Mouse to Looney Tunes slogans – prints become the starring feature of the collection, spliced together with colour blocking and eccentric florals. A gender-fluid collection, the pieces can be worn by both men and women, and they debut this at pride at LFWM, blending the boundaries of masculine and feminine.

In this collection, Iceberg launches the first in a series of on-going collaborations with Iceberg Art Denim. These were the strongest looks in the collection, from its range of jumpsuits, jeans, and shirts. Playfully ‘80s, the denim pieces are complete with embellishments, embroidery and acid-washed fabrics. Neon tailoring also makes an appearance, a fresh interpretation of mens-wear for the iconic brand.

by Emma Hart

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