LFWM SS20: Liam Hodges

LIAM Hodges’s SS20 show, Fifth Generation, explores the ramifications of the modern digital era on our perception as we consistently navigate through never-ending online personalities, digital media and virtual societies.

The consequences of the digital era are seen everywhere in this collection – cyberpunk themes and quasi dystopian possiblitles are showcased through the distortion of the models’ faces. Through the use of tape, wire, eccentric wigs and dark sunglasses, Hodges hints at the idea that online personalities and our reality has become increasingly confusing to tell apart.

The collection boasts a few collaborations, one with the artist Alfie Kungu who hand-painted on a variety of the pieces and worked with Hodges to create graphic knitwear and comic book styled designs. The way the digital era oversaturates us with constant information is paralleled through many of this collaboration’s heavily saturated colour palette.

Hodges also collaborates with sports brand Ellesse to merge graphics with sci-fi nostalgia, showcasing neon piping, digitally-made prints and fur-inspired embrodiery.

It is evident that Hodges is urging us to be collectively concious about our future through the designer’s consistent commitment to feature sustainable fabrics—the introduction of swimwear by Liam Hodges x Boardies are all made from recycled water bottles.

by Mirabella Shahidullah


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