Loewe celebrates their new global Women in Craft campaign

TO CELEBRATE International Women’s Day, Loewe introduces the Women in Craft campaign to celebrate craftswomen around the world.

Centred around social activation, with the aim to share the skill and innovation of women in craft, the project invites three members of the Loewe Foundation to work at the forefront of this momentous occasion. The fields rise to initiate a chain that brings visibility to the cause, across the globe, urging participants to use the hashtag #WomenInCraft.

LOEWE Women in Craft Campaign: Celia PymCelia Pym

Curator Hyeyoung Cho, artist Celia Pym, and architect Patricia Urquiloa will each introduce three women they admire to LOEWE platforms and their own, with the hopes of encouraging their chosen artists to post their recommendations in return.

Hyeyoung Cho is an artist, curator, and consultant, and has worked with the Loewe Craft Prize as an Asian promoter since 2017. They’ve been part of the Expert Panel for the LOEWE Craft Prize since 2020. Cho nominates Korean artist Dahye Jeong, British multidisciplinary artist Caroline Broadhead, and American visual artist Ann Hamilton.

LOEWE Women in Craft Campaign: Hyeyoung ChoHyeyoung Cho

Celia Pym is a London-based artist whose dedicated textiles work focuses on the themes of damage and repair, and in 2017 she was shortlisted for the inaugural Loewe Craft Prize. The three nominees are British artist Freddie Robins, Swedish mixed media jeweller Lina Peterson, and textiles artist and teacher Rachael Matthews.

Patricia Urquiola is a Spanish architect, industrial designer, and art director who has previously served as a jury member for the LOEWE Craft Prize. Her nominations include Italian multimedia artist Paola Pivi, Dutch furniture, and product designer Linde Freya Tangelder, and British multidisciplinary designer Bethan Laura Wood.

LOEWE Women in Craft Campaign: Patricia UrquiolaPatricia Urquiola

Each of the chosen nominees boasts expert craftsmanship yet a completely unique spin on the industry, which by being featured in this exciting campaign, opens doors for not only themselves but also to a growing seed of inspiration for others.

by Alicia Tomkinson