MĀ debuts sustainable home scenting line for health and wellbeing

FOUNDED by two friends, Esther and Nina, is a vegan,  sustainable home scenting company. The founders were determined to reinvent essential oils and provide their customers with a solution for improving health and wellbeing.MA Ceramic Diffuser

MA Sensuality Master Blend

MA Sensuality Essential Oil Master Blend

MĀ’s aesthetic is inspired by Japanese simplicity and all products are recycled, organic, and 100 per cent natural. The brand’s diffusers and bottles are beautifully crafted, which ensures that your home not only smells good but is decorated aesthetically as well.

MA Ceramic Diffuser

MA Ceramic Diffuser

MĀ’s Ceramic Diffuser is a stylish and high quality plug-in diffuser which is hand-finished in a refreshing off white. The Diffuser will humidify customers’ surroundings with a mix of water and the essential oil of their choice.MA Wood Mood Diffuser

MA Wood Mood Diffuser

For people that are often on-the-go MĀ has created the Wood Mood Diffuser, which  is a hand carved travel-size flameless wood diffuser, created from either black walnut or white ash. For this small diffuser there is no plug-in or candle required and will disperse the fragrance of choosing within close proximity.

MA Essential Oil Master BlendsMA Essential Oil Master Blends

MĀ produces their Organic Essential Oil Master Blends in five custom version. Focus is a refreshing citrus and mint scent that supports clarity of mind and concentration.

For a sensual mind and body connection, Sensuality is the ideal aroma with hints of clove and sweet orange.

Calm is a woody and floral fragrance which soothes and restores balance. To promote rest and deep sleep customers should opt for Good Sleep, a scent characterised through its lavender, mandarin and cinnamon. Vitality is a light and citrusy aroma which will leave the mind refreshed.

by Julie Heinisch

MĀ is available at  Mamoments