Leading dental brand vVardis launches the Sils instant fresh mouth spray line

UNLIKE traditional mouth sprays, the new Sils instant fresh mouth spray range from leading Swiss dental care company vVardis uses an intriguing array of fragrances which resembles more of a cologne than a dental hygiene products.

vVardis Sils Spray

The vVardis Sils instant fresh mouth spray line

Named after the Sils Maria resort in Switzerland, the new product offers on-the-go maintenance for your oral health.

Available in three different scents, Radiant Musk, Beaming Petals and Citrus Fresh the spray can be used as often as needed to prevent staining and discolouration and strengthen the tooth enamel.

vVardis Sils Spray

vVardis Sils spray in Beaming Petals

Not only that, the formula is Kosher, vegan and sustainably made in Switzerland.

by Ben Sanderson