Maddox Gallery presents solo exhibition of Lefty Out There entitled Vivus II

FOR A limited time, London’s Maddox Gallery is presenting contemporary artist Lefty Out There’s solo exhibition Vivus II.  The art embraces the bold designs the artist is renowned for and aims to reflect the modern street art of today with Optical Art to create an abstract vision of tension.

Lefty Out ThereLefty Out There

Conceived during the unsure sections of time during the pandemic, Lefty Out There presents the universal upset through a duality of both concept and design. Separating the exhibition into two bodies of work, one showcases a spectrum of bursting colour, while the other focuses more on offering some calm to the viewer as he sticks to a monochrome palette but geometric shapes thread throughout both.

Lefty Out There – Acidum – Vivus II

Lefty Hand There MaddoxLefty Out There – Dualitas – Vivus II

With an ethos to “cover everything”, Maddox Gallery has given up control of their flagship and allowed him to envelope every surface with his famous markings to immerse audiences in the world of his graphics and to momentarily take them out of their mundane.

by Imogen Clark 

Lefty Out There opens on March 31, 2022 and runs for five weeks

Maddox Gallery, 9 Maddox Street, London, W1S 2QE