Mathilde Laurent launches The Sense of Scent book

WHEN IT comes to scents, Mathilde Laurent is undoubtedly the master. The brain and nose behind some of the most famous perfumes we all know and love, Laurent’s creations have been sprayed upon our loved ones and have the power to take us back to those special moments.

After over a decade long stint as Jean-Paul Guerlain’s right hand woman, she joined Cartier in 2005 to become their in-house perfumer, crafting artistic and decadent collections of jewellery interpretations into smells, such as the La Panthère collection to Carat and L’Envol.

Mathilde Laurent by Alexandre Isard © Cartier

Reflecting on her trailblazing career across thirteen chapters, Laurent launches a new book, entitled The Sense of Scent. Not only is this read well-equipped with insights for those with an admiration for her, but also allows those less aware of the art behind this craftsmanship a chance to educate themselves and discover the beauty within each bottle.

The Sense of Scent Cartier Perfume The Sense of Scent by Mathilde Laurent

As one of our five senses, Laurent truly understands the power that smell has. Hoping to push people to contemplate the world through their nose and bring a new level of respect to the world of perfume, this book is an engaging look into the knowledge of one of the most respected perfumer’s in history.

by Imogen Clark