MFW AW19: Atsushi Nakashima

CLOSING Milan Fashion Week, and leading us to the last leg of the AW19 season was Atsushi Nakashima with a PVC perfect collection.

Serving us futuristic, functional yet fashionable looks, the Japanese designer set the tone with his opening look: a trench-coat detailed with iridescent vinyl panels. A coat with vinyl ruffled shoulders and flow-y hemlines stood symbol for a harmonious marriage of femininity with  utilitarian design.

Coats were deconstructed only to be reassembled, resulting in an interesting patchwork of patterns, textures and colours. Proving he’s a master of formfitting and clean-cut outerwear.

The whole collection had a pragmatic vibe, models were dressed as if they were ready to face the exhilarating battles of the future. Style wasn’t compromised in the process with laidback grey tracksuits, quilted velvet bomber jackets, and furry yeti-shoes.

Inspired by the designer’s own heritage, Nakashima gave the kimono a modern update, executing them in a metallic fabric featuring a geometric print or an abstract red floral print. Ensuring their relevance in the 21st century, these kimonos were paired with metallic pleated circle skirts and his signature hairy heels.

The collection wasn’t for the OCD fainthearted, as models were spotted wearing one silver legging or sleeve, adding an interesting touch of asymmetry to his collection.

Ending on a rather furry note, the designer sent a geometric triangle-printed mid-calf jacket down the runway, sure to linger on as fashion finest make their way to Paris.

The future of fashion, much like his AW19 collection, shines brightly for Atsushi Nakashima.

by Lupe Baeyens