MFW SS16: Bottega Veneta

In a mood that moves more towards the antithesis of the relentless fashion cycle that we face each season, Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier has let loose this SS16 and yearned for freedom. Basing his latest collection around all things elegantly wild, carefree and uninhibited by a brand synonymous with premier luxury fashion, Maier put himself to the test and made sure technique was tantamount to its result – grace.

Women's SS16 Look 01 High Retouched

Women's SS16 Look 16 High Retouched

Women's SS16 Look 21 High Retouched

Animal prints and army camo were played against the bouncy utility we’re used to from Maier and the creative director even challenged himself to create entire gowns with one large swathe of fabric, synching it together for a surprisingly easy chic outcome.

Women's SS16 Look 37 High Retouched

Women's SS16 Look 51 High Retouched

Women's SS16 Look 55 High Retouched

The rest of the collection, which mixed these asymmetrical and heavily deconstructed parachute-esque gowns with sporty sweatsuits modelled by the likes of Edie Campbell, Maier’s muse when it comes to this aesthetic,  didn’t ever lose it’s way however.

From beginning to end, although the militant lieutenant-cum-leopard-print utility look softened subsequently, the collection did not jar and each rather odd design choice cooperated perfectly thanks to Maier’s wonderful way of looking at how to complete an outfit with all the right accessories. Handbags and gladrags put to very good use.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta