Milan Menswear SS16: Dsquared²

Dsquared² was one of the last shows in Milan this week, and they certainly ended it on a colourful note. Dan and Dean Caten are widely known for their pushing-the-envelope style. And this season was no exception as they went mad with colour, silhouette and cut.


To begin almost every model was wearing tattoos, which appeared to be fake ones on a thin mesh fabric that could be worn underneath the rest of the attire.  The clothes themselves felt sporty, athletic, garments a California skater with an obsession with oversized trousers would have in his wardrobe.DSquared3

It was a long leap away from the classic looks that menswear has become known for but it was all cool, fun and unusual. Skater style isn’t necessarily what one associates with Milan Fashion Week, but they tried it, and it adds something weird to the mix.


If one breaks down the clothing, it’s all pretty simple – colourful, baggy, and the sort of thing men who aren’t found  trimming their beards and fixing their bowties would be wearing as the brand appeals to a different market. For SS16, Dsquared² offered graffiti style – with one outfit in the collection completely black. There were jeans; racer-front cut vest tops, and beanies that were clearly designed to fit Dan Aykroyd’s head in Coneheads. But it was all fresh and new.


Dsquared² has taken this modern subculture of the skater, snowboarder and sporty-loving man and created a collection around him. One thing is for sure, it was a finale to remember.

by Anna Coughlan

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