Miu Miu’s latest film: De Djess

Premiering in New York on February 18 is the latest short-film from the Miu Miu Women’s Tales series.

Directed by Alice Rohrwacher, De Djess is a exploration of contemporary femininity, highlighting an abstract perspective. The recent 15 second trailer showcased an eerie nun breaking the fourth wall by staring directly into the camera. Whilst the alarm rings she nonchalantly snaps her fingers, cutting both the noise and clip off. This short but sweet snippet leaves much to the imagination, with Rohrwacher stating that she wants her films to “pose questions- not to offer answers”.

The anthropomorphic twist displays the garments as protagonists – humanising the collection so that the dresses can tell their own story. This unique concept allows the audience to perceive depth in fashion, and to see beyond a superficial opinion of clothing. Rohrwacher said that she “felt it was right to give the lead role to a dress, and put (herself) inside.”

With an ambiguous storyline, the film aims to convey an emotive edge, encapsulating the modern essence of femininity.

De Djess is the ninth tale in the collection, and will be available on the Miu Miu website alongside previous films and other exclusive footage after the première.


by Emma Walsh


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