National Youth Dance Company celebrates decennial year with Grace Wales Bonner collaboration

IN CELEBRARTION of the National Youth Dance Company’s 10th anniversary, Sadler’s Wells, NYDC Guest Artistic Director and Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Wayne McGregor CBE have announced a collaboration with enigmatic British designer, Grace Wales Bonner. 

The partnership bolsters Wales Bonner’s ever-evolving brand, further cementing her as one of the most influential artists in the British creative scene. 

Bridging the gap between fashion and dance, Bonner has designed a series of garments to be showcased in McGreggor’s Novacene, which debuted at The Lowlry in Salford last weekend, and will arrive at Sadler’s Wells in early June before launching into a tour of the UK. 

NYDC x Wayne McGregor x Grace Wales Bonner image credit Jack Thomson

NYDC x Wayne McGregor x Grace Wales Bonner image credit Jack ThomsonNYDC x Wayne McGregor x Grace Wales Bonner. Photo: Jack Thomson

‘I have always been inspired by the rich and expressive gestures of dance in designing silhouettes, so it has been a great pleasure to collaborate with NYDC and Wayne McGregor. I hope these custom Wales Bonner pieces allow the young artists to shine with their full individuality and energy,’ mentioned the designer in reflection of the exciting collaboration.

by Ben Sanderson