Byredo and artist Dozie Kanu unite to celebrate the Bal d’Afrique vision for Salone del Mobile 2023

THIS year at Salone del Mobile 2023, Byredo, the renowned fragrance house, has teamed up with artist Dozie Kanu to present a sensory and visual exploration of the Bal d’Afrique vision. Drawing from the rich cultural tapestry of Africa and the Afro-Diaspora, the collaboration is a celebration of the continent’s immeasurable creativity, arts, and practices.

Kanu’s immersive pavilion at the event showcases new artwork, specially created for Salone del Mobile, as well as a curated selection of photographs from Ghana’s saman archive. This union of scent and structure serves as a testament to the powerful connection between art, history, and design, as well as Kanu’s personal journey with Africa and Afro-Diasporic culture.

In the words of Byredo founder Ben Gorham, “Dozie presenting Bal d’Afrique at Salone del Mobile together with photographs from the saman archive brings a collective memory to physical form. For many of us, the memories of others is the only way to know something dear to us – a person, a place, a time. That is how Bal d’Afrique came to be; a scent that was inspired by the memories of someone else”.

Since its inception, Byredo has masterfully crafted niche fragrance collections that evoke cherished memories. As part of their collaboration, Byredo presents a retrospective of their most beloved scents, paying homage to their olfactive legacy.

From the very beginning of its inception, Byredo has successfully captured the essence of memories in its products. In keeping with this tradition, the company will also showcase an archive of its most cherished fragrances. 

Visit Byredo and Dozie Kanu collaboration at Salone del Mobile 2023 for a one-of-a-kind sensory adventure into the realm of Bal d’Afrique, where art and perfume converge.

by Zlata Kryudor