Paris Fashion Week AW13: Chanel

There stood a monumental globe, revolving. On it a map of the world with flags marking the precise location of 300 stores. We are of course talking about Chanel. You’re probably thinking this is a not so subtle reference to world domination of some kind, but as the show unfolded it was clear that this is about the globalisation of fashion. A global look. And the flags weren’t so much about staking a claim, but rather how the house adapts and listens to the needs and desires of their local customer.

For classic Chanel fans who feel ready to dip their toes in the water, tweed ensembles saw subtle updates which made them glitter – a slightly more rounded shoulder on the longer jackets, worn over skater skirts or shorts, all injected with shimmer. Other modern classics included coats that came with high collars and cut-away fronts to reveal mini-skirts beneath and the libertine air.

Confidence and seduction oozed through more statement pieces – patent leather combos and flashes of thigh between chained leather stockings and three-dimensional, spirographic flower hemlines of A-line dresses – definitely more Karl than Coco shining here, literally. Anna Wintour bob hats were sported by many of the models proving you can keep warm and chic at once – if only her confidence could seep into our beings.

Silhouettes came strong, but not too strong – in a season where designers are looking to make real clothes for real women, Lagerfeld tapped into the spirit of the moment with easy to wear tones and shapes that didn’t demand too much from the wearer. If Chanel doesn’t dominate the world yet – or fashion world at least – if things carry on like this, it soon will. Lagerfeld was modest enough not to sprout out from top of the globe for the finale.

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by Roxy Mirshahi

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