PFW SS21: Dice Kayek

DICE Kayek’s SS21 collection is presented as a vibrant, carefully choreographed fashion film directed by Marie Schuller. The film opens in a classroom, where three bored students struggle to stay awake – suddenly the diagrams begin to spin out of control, and the girls take up fighting stances.

Dice Kayek immediately establishes that this collection is about the power of the imagination and the euphoria evoked by bright, vibrant colours. Models leap into the air and show the movability of different fabrics; multi-coloured polka dots in blue and green, a bright orange dress with ruffled detail.

A key colour in the collection is vibrant fuchsia. An oversized dress pleated from the neck adorned with ribbon detailing recalls an almost child-like silhouette. Geometric prints, silk scarves and sheer black lace adorn the collection. Three figures stand in individual windows of a ruined mansion, dressed in off-white dresses beaded with silver and styled with knee-high black socks. The collection is a vibrant, joyful reminder to dream in full colour.

by Kate Haselden

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