Pioneering jewellery brand Vrai launches collaboration with Arizona Muse’s charity Dirt

AS COP26 draws to a close, we can now welcome in a breath of fresh air to an ongoing conversation, this time via the worlds first zero carbon footprint producer of diamonds, jewellery brand Vrai and their collaboration with Arizona Muse’s charity Dirt. Over the course of two weeks, until November 30, 10 per cent of all Arizona Muse’s Style Edit purchased at Vrai will be donated to Dirt.

Arizona Muse

This collaboration isn’t just another attempt at greenwashing but the real deal. Vria are a pioneering jewellery brand who abide by the Just Diamond foundry, a foundry who promise to remove mining, a carbon footprint and cartel pricing in all of their hydro-powered diamonds.

This means no land, local communities or wildlife is displaced, no animals are harmed, nor no ground water is polluted. It’s all in the numbers – for every carat of Vrai created diamonds produced 65kg of carbon dioxide, 57kg of air pollution and 227 tonnes of earth are saved.

Baguette Ear Arc in White Gold

Earth is where Vrai and Dirt collide. International model Arizona Muse founded Dirt after she began questioning the origins of fashion, an industry she has over a decades worth of experience in.

It was while studying a short course on Business Sustainability Management at the University of Cambridge that Muse decided to jump careers and set up DIRT, a foundation centred upon soil regeneration through biodynamic farming.

Her activist roles don’t stop there, Muse can also be found on the advisory board of The Sustainable Angle, is Greenpeace’s Oceans Ambassador, Aveda’s first global sustainability advocate, and has also collaborated with Extinction Rebellion and Fashion Revolution.

Diamond Bezel Station Necklace in Yellow Gold

Together Vrai and Dirt are challenging their respective fields narrative through nurturing the planet and actively helping solve the climate crisis.

Among all of the green labels, Muse offers us a gentle reminder of what climate change is about and what we stand for, “To be sustainable means to care. To be sustainable means to think about the future, to know that your actions mean something.”

So act accordingly and purchase a very special diamond for a very special cause this November.

by Charlie Newman