Regenerative Medicine expert Augustinus Bader launches The Cream and The Rich Cream


THE luxury skincare market has a new kid on the block in the form of The Cream and The Rich Cream. Although these are recent releases, both in the UK and US, these regenerative potions have already developed a cultish following, and its credibility lies in innovative stem-cell technology. The wonder products are the creation of Professor Augustinus Bader, a renowned professor at the University of Leipzig, where he is director of Applied Stem Cell Biology and Cell Technology.

Regarded as a world-leading pioneer in the realm of medical and healing treatments, Professor Bader currently holds over 200 patents and has authored over 180 peer-reviewed papers during this 30-year career. Knowing that your face care routine has been developed by someone with such an illustrious career in the medical field is undoubtedly appealing, and probably at least half the reason why people have been flocking to both pairs of Creams.

AUGUSTINUS BADER RICH CREAM & THE CREAM FRONTThe Cream and The Rich Cream from Augustinus Bader

The products origins’ proceed Professor Bader’s long-standing research into burns, which resulted in his creation of a groundbreaking hydrogel. The uniqueness of these creams comes from the inclusion of Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8) as a key ingredient. TFC8 is a combination of natural amino acids, vitamins, and synethesised molecules naturally found in the skin. The “trigger” relates to the triggering of the body’s intrinsic renewal systems, which is encouraged by the TFC8. Such regeneration eventually gives way to smoother, plumper, glowing skin.

In terms of application, The Cream is a lightweight lotion, lacking in any fragrance, and goes onto the skin very easily. The Rich Cream is a denser version which offers a heavier texture and is perhaps better-suited to those with drier skin types. Other than cleansing your skin as usual, no other products are deemed necessary given their superb multi-faceted and comprehensive natures.

Given this, its three-figure price tag could well be justified, and, besides, 10 per cent of profits go to the Augustinus Bader Foundation which funds treatments for those suffering from the devastating effects of burn injuries. These are creams you can really feel good about.

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