Glass reviews Björk and Berries eco luxury skincare – Raspberry and Bakuchiol Firming Face Oil

NO, no, the enigmatic Icelandic pixie gal we know as Björk has not branched out into beauty. It’s a Swedish name for the birch tree – the tree of life and a signature ingredient of Björk and Berries skincare range.

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Even though this product originates in Sweden – where it is known fact that all the women are beautiful, and you kind of think, but they don’t even NEED this stuff, they are just more in tune with nature than the likes of this haggard, dry-skinned city-sick London gal.

However, they do know something we don’t. So here we have a cure – in the form of a light facial oil their Raspberry and Bakuchiol Firming Face Oil – containing the active ingredient bakuchiol, which has some of the properties of retinol, but without the harshness, red bits and potential reactions.

Bakuchiol’s starting to make a buzz in the natural anti-ageing cosmetics world because it is gentle and natural and, yes, absolutely, for me it reduces the appearance of my not-so fine lines and wrinkles, but not right away, because that would be, like, surgical.

Winter weather actually hurts my feelings. So, I need something that is going to go, “There, there, you are beautiful. Just use this and go to sleep listening to gong music, and you will wake up transformed.”



Björk and Berries CEO Isabelle Lewenhaupt

I have no gong music but I have been gently applying The Raspberry and Bakuchiol Oil with a light hand for about a week. It’s organic, vegan and 100 per cent pronounceable. The oil absorbs quickly and leaves no stains on the pillows.

In the morning I wake up with soft, plump skin, particularly around the eyes, which are sometimes a no-go area for facial treatments unless they are specifically for eyes. This can go all over and it delivers a dewy morning complexion – which in my case, is nothing short of a miracle.

by Michele Kirsch

Björk and Berries Raspberry and Bakuchiol Firming Face Oil retails at £49 for 30ml