Saint Laurent Rive Droite exclusively launches photobook Noses Elbows and Knees

SAINT Laurent Rive Droite is exclusively launching the photobook, Noses Elbows and Knees, by fashion and portrait photographer Mario Sorrenti and conceptual artist John Baldessari.

The prestigious book is curated by writer Neville Wakefield following his Noses Elbows and Knees exhibition at the Half Gallery, New York, which ran from 14th December 2017 to the 20th January 2018.

Both Sorrenti and Baldessari’s deconstruct familiar notions of beauty and conventional behaviour by stripping off clothes and codes of society, through fashion, collage and photography. “Here, a long courtship of art and fashion could, at last, become a marriage, a true hybrid of crafted imagery and deconstructed purpose,” stated Wakefield regarding the collaboration of the two.

Copies of Noses Elbows and Knees are available for pre-order in Saint Laurent Rive Droite’s Paris and Los Angeles stores today. Each copy comes signed by both artists and costs €20,000.

Noses Elbows and Knees  by Mario Sorrenti and John Baldessari

Noses Elbows and Knees  by Mario Sorrenti and John Baldessari


by Molly Denton