Louis Vuitton launches accessories collection inspired by Gaston-Louis Vuitton

LOUIS Vuitton has launched a new Gaston seasonal collection paying homage to Gaston- Louis Vuitton, the grandson of the founder  – he was known to be an avid collector of labels, stickers and patches. Alike the labels that were stitched into the Louis Vuitton trunks from 1875, this new collection reinterprets leather patches drawing from the heritage of the brand yet sticking to today’s modern edge.

New Mess MM Gaston Eclipse Jaune Front

Discovery Backpack Gaston Eclipse Front

Disco Bumbag Gaston Eclipse Front

PF Multiple Gaston Eclipse Front

The Gaston collection is made up of the house classics of the Discovery Backpack, Bumbag and Pochette as well as an additional two new models to let clients discover a new side to the Monogram Eclipse canvas.

by Imogen Clark 

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