Santa Maria Novella debuts five new fragrances to celebrate the brand’s 800th anniversary

ITALIAN luxury brand Santa Maria Novella has launched fives new home fragrances to celebrate the perfumery’s 800th anniversary.

Through the five new aromatic creations, the brand explores each of the five continents, taking inspiration from female allegories of frescos seen in the infamous via della Scala 16 in Florence, where the original apothecary is located.

The five fragrances, entitled I Profumi del Mondo, take customers on a journey through the scents of the five continents.

Africa reminds one of nature and its various aromas such as a fruity mango, a fresh eucalyptus, floral peony and baobab, as well as a hint of white musk.

A scent centred on the lotus flower and the lily of the valley, Asia, will leave your home with a light, silky and graceful atmosphere.Profumi del Mondo Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella Profumi del Mondo Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Oceania (from left to right)

Oceania is a fragrance that evokes sun rays and sea breezes –  as well as having undertones of white flowers and green tea.

If you are after a sweeter scent will find liking in America which has a vanilla and caramel aroma. Notes of bergamot, red wine, and woody trails, can be discovered in Europe, which aims to take you on a trip through the gardens, cities and elegance of the continent.

by Julie Heinisch

Each of the five home fragrances retail at £80 and are available to purchase exclusively from Santa Maria Novella


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