Saul Nash presents Intersection – his SS24 show in London

SEIZING inspiration from the patchwork tapestry of his familial roots, Saul Nash once again spun a captivating tale in the realm of menswear with the unveiling of his SS24 collection at the London Fashion Week. Channeling the echoes of the faraway lure of his ancestral homelands, Nash masterfully unfolded a personal narrative of intersections between his mixed heritage.

Reflecting on his experience of growing up in London, Nash pulls threads from the rich cultural legacy of his Guyanese mother, his English-Mauritian father, and his grandfather from Mauritius. As he shares; “When you visit these places, you’re wearing Western clothes, such as your tracksuit or shorts that you would wear in the city. But in these countries, you’re wearing it on the beach. This collection is about that mis-fitting of identity in places we identify with”.

Titled ‘Intersection’, this collection portrays Nash’s influence of sailor uniforms, emphasised in his references to sea life, aquatics, and watersport. Flap collars flirt with zip-through sports jackets, while vivacious prints portray the effervescence of island life, replete with flying fish and pineapple motifs.

An ensemble worth noting is a trouser and track top set adorned with the image of the Hindu river goddess Ganga, a nod to Nash’s grandfather’s faith and the migration narratives that shape these enchanting locales. Painting the collection with a marine colour palette, the spectrum sways between turquoise, azure, and ultramarine – a serenade to the ocean that cradles these lands.

In addition, inclusivity and sustainability embrace as Saul Nash’s creative wave swells in collaboration with brands like Soul Cap, ECCO Leather, Oakley, and KEEN. Soul Cap’s swim goggles and caps, which work with every hair type, serve as the climax, while a custom pair of Oakley’s Half Jacket 2.0® sunglasses provide protection from the tropical sun. Consistent with Nash’s eco-friendly values, ECCO Leather provides long-lasting leather accessories.

Ultimately, Saul Nash’s SS24 collection becomes a vibrant sartorial passport, a monument to his personal and cultural adventures, and an invitation to break out of one’s shell and embrace the ‘intersection’ of identities.

by Zlata Kryudor

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