LFWM SS20: Fashion East

INSIDE the LFWM Show space of the Truman Brewery, Fashion East showcased emerging fashion designers for SS20. Established by the Truman Brewery and Lulu Kennedy in 2000, the non-profit initiative’s show featured three designers.

The show started with Saul Nash, dancer and designer from North London. Having graduated in BA Performance design from Central Saint Martins and MA Menswear Royal College of Art, his collection for SS20 can be seen as a playful performance. With technical performance fabrics and construction providing the freedom for whoever wears it, the colour palette varies from a steely grey, whites and black.

The debut of Robyn Lynch followed afterwards with unfiltered and carefree pleasure for SS20. For her second show as part of Fashion East, the designer tapped into her Irish heritage to uncover culture stories as yet untold. It is the specific world- with camaraderie and the rites of passage, that Robyn has mined for a study of pleasure before the filters of social media. Alongside the pieces including towelling T-shirts, shorts and hybrid knitwear with nylon, colour choices varied from maroon, baby blue, beige and mint green.

This season, designer Mowalola has chosen to interrogate “the horrific feeling of love” where she has shifted her proactive aesthetics in a new direction. Alongside the inspiration drawn from the seventies, lo-fi glamour and highly-charged sexuality of iconic and unexpected couples Angelina Jolie and Jenny Shimizu, Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese and Carmes Electra and Dennis Rodman also provided a starting point for SS20. Her collection showcased bodices, knee-high boots and sculptural cutouts.

This is the reinvention of punk for today: finding yourself and doing exactly what you want, with whoever you want to do it with, Mowalola said.

by Viola Li

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