Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit reinvents lobby

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit is making quite a name for itself by reinventing the use of its lobby by installing an S Gallery, the first art gallery inside a hotel in Bangkok.

Gallery shot global view-086-2

Displayed along the upper concourse are 72 striking images by renowned French photographer Charles Maze, with the instillation consisting of a collection of circular images – in black-and-white and in colour, taking the viewer on a journey through France.

Sukhumvit - Lobby-2

At the rear of the lobby lounge, an artsy styled bar has been added, complete with an outstanding LED-alabaster stone countertop.

To complete the ground-floor makeover, an outside, canopied, Parisian-style gourmet café and pâtisserie, La Macaron, has been constructed, emulating an authentic Parisian streetside café.

“The beauty of S Gallery is that it will appeal to everyone from the casual observer to the most sophisticated connoisseur or critic,” explained William Haandrikman, Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit’s general manager. “It’s as much for someone who just wants to relax and have a drink or bite to eat with a friend as it is for the person who’s all about art and really studying what’s on display.”

Unlike other galleries, this one remains open – all day, every day!

by Amanda Bernstein