Experimental dining experience The Waldorf Project returns with Chapter Three/FUTURO

Developing and converging the genres of gastronomy, art and performance, The Waldorf Project directed by British artist Sean Rogg is set to return for a third course in London next week, Experimental Research Lab for Chapter Three/ FUTURO. For those who missed the first two critically acclaimed chapters, Rogg forced the boundaries between traditional expectations of culinary experience open and created a performance around it.

The first chapter back in 2012 based around the tradition of gift giving in Japan was titled after the extraordinarily cultivated Muskmelon fruit; the second chapter returned earlier this year to challenge gastronomic perceptions of colour with a fully immersive dining project. Taking his guests on a stimulating voyage through uncharted waters where visual arts, gastronomy, design, theater, music and mixology converge – experimental art this certainly is.

Precious wines and fine ingredients feature consistently through Rogg’s menus where meticulous detail is given to how each guest is presented and experiences each course. Imogen Knight choreographed the dancers who acted as waitresses in Chapter One/ MUSKMELON while French chefs Vanessa Krycève and Bruno Viala were enlisted to extricate food to almost unrecognisable forms in Chapter Two/ COLOUR.

Running alongside Hendrick’s Gin and The Guardian while setting up home in an underground tunnel in Kings Cross London, The Waldorf Project has incorporated another two disciplines for the prequel to round three – liquid and product design. Aiming to push boundaries unbelievably further next week, the almost ritualesque experience will explore idealism around highly recognisable prefabricated house, Futuro which was designed in the early 60s by Matti Suronen. Investigating the possibilities of this iconic era during the Space Race, Rogg is attempting to seamlessly investigate art consumption and emotion by transporting his guests to a peculiar future where alcohol is administered through the senses and dishes labelled by emotions.


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  tunnel-008 (1)Images courtesy of The Waldorf Project

 by Stephanie Clair
Tickets can be bought for the Experimental Research Laboratory phase of Chapter Three/FUTURO here. Performances run from Thursday 14 until Saturday 16 May, 2015. The full Chapter Three/FUTURO will launch in early 2016.

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