Welcome to the Summer 2020 issue of Glass Man – Shine

AS ONE of our writers observes in these pages, we are living in a time of “remarkable confinement”. Luckily, the team had managed to wrap up one or two interviews and shoots for the summer issue of Glass Man, entitled Shine, before it was clear that Covid-19 was going to stop the whole world in its tracks … for a while at least.

Paul MescalPaul Mescal. Photograph: Nick Thompson

The subsequent stories and features that you will read, and hopefully enjoy here, are the results of much careful planning, negotiation and creativity of the Glass Man team. And, of course, Zoom. And why call this issue “Shine” and not “Lockdown” or “Challenge”?

The idea was that in these extraordinary times, we have to look to the future, we have to look to each other. We have to find a way to shine.


Andre HollandAndré Holland. Photograph: courtesy Netflix, The Eddy

So we spoke with musicians and actors from all around the world. Like the Indonesian hip hop star Rich Brian who when asked what shine means to him tells us. “To me, it means being comfortable with where you’re at in life because you have awareness of your abilities and how you can impact others as a person. Not trying to move anywhere or go back to anything, and just dealing with everything that’s around you. Improving your surroundings instead of seeking validation from others.”

Rogier BosschaartRogier Bosschaart. Photograph: Cyril Matter

The man of the moment, Irish actor Paul Mescal, most recently seen in the BBC adaption of  Normal People comments, “Shine? I suppose the main thing that I get from it is that it’s a positive thing, a really positive force … it’s something that is potentially infectious in others.”And the eminent American actor André Holland who is now starring in The Eddy, says, “shining yourself, taking care of yourself and you can be your best at any given moment.”

Future generations will be fascinated to know how people lived, how they dressed and how they survived during this unique era of lockdown. So in our Styling It In special feature we asked some inspiring editors, designers and creatives (including Glass Man contributors) about how they have adjusted to this new way of life.

Rich BrianRich Brian. Photograph: Definate Film

Our grooming and health section offers helpful advice on how to adapt your exercise and diet to lockdown – and you can even find out how to cut and style your hair. As our LA grooming expert Sheridan Ward observes, “It’s a great skill to have. And it’s a good opportunity to learn something new and to tide you over until things go back to normal.”

Ahh normal! I hope to see you on the other side.

by Caroline Simpson

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