Tate Britain Unveils Monster Chetwynd’s Leopard Slugs for Winter Commission

LAST week, Tate Britain introduced their winter commission for 2019; a pair of giant leopard slugs created by artist Monster Chetwynd.

The two sculptures, which are made entirely from compostable materials, measure over 10 metres each, and are surrounded by “slug trails” made from rope lighting and blue and white LEDs draped across the façade of the building.

Tate Britain SlugsMonster Chetwynd’s Giant Leopard Slugs outside The Tate Britain

The Tate Britain commissions a winter display every year. For many years the exhibitions featured Christmas trees designed by artists such as Tracey Emin and Gary Hume and last year’s light installation from artist Alan Kane was equally festive.

This year’s display is just a bit different, however, Director of Tate Britain, Alex Farwuharson explains that while the “playful and anarchic” commission may seem incongruous, it raises important and relevant questions and “engages with the major environmental challenges we face today.”

Inspired by David Attenborough’s nature documentary Life in the Undergrowth, which followed the life of leopard slugs, Chetwynd aims to “raise serious ecological concerns” as well as to show in this festive period “that even supposedly repulsive creatures can be transformed into something wondrous.”

by Hannah Valentine

Monster Chetwynd’s Giant Leopard Slugs are on show at Tate Britain until 25 February 2019.

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