Glass finds the best carry-on approved travel grooming kits

THE ability to travel is one of life’s greatest luxuries, but it can also be anxiety-inducing. A 2012 study of tourism stress conducted in the US not only found that the planning period was the most stressful part of participants trip, but that packing was one of the biggest causes of anxiety during this stage. It’s hard not to see why. With ever-changing rules and regulations on what you can and can’t take abroad, especially in your carry-on, even the most grooming-oriented amongst us can feel obliged to forgo our beloved products and pick up whatever lesser alternatives we find at duty-free to last us our trip.

Luckily, some of the best brands in grooming have wised up to this quandary. Whilst travel sets are no new invention, the quality of what’s included has increased astronomically – forget generic soap-based cleansers and two-in-one shampoos, as luxury brands such as Philip Kingsley, Aesop and Malin+Goetz have stepped up to the plate. Below, find the Glass edit of the best travel kits you can buy to ensure smooth sailing through the security gate – all carry-on approved.

Aesop, Departure Travel Kit, £45 available May 20th

Aesop’s newly launched Departure Travel Kit gives basic items a decadent edge, but it’s the carry-on approved kits finely curated and all-encompassing nature which will really stand out to the avid traveller. Spanning hand care, oral care and skin care, it provides the very best of what Aesop has to offer – nourishing, comforting and deeply effective products – in a handy and stylish package. It’s no-frills (to an extent) but I can honestly say you won’t miss your regular routine, especially with thoughtful multi-purpose additions like the Immediate Moisture Facial Spray refreshing facial mist.

Malin+Goetz, Grooming Kit, £32

I hate lugging huge suitcases around on my travels, so I’ll always opt for a carry-on where possible. However, having to adhere to strict airport security means that having a pre-prepared, carry-on approved kit like Malin+Goetz’ aptly named Grooming Kit to hand takes the pressure off. The included items – cleanser, moisturiser, body wash, shaving cream and deodorant – could feel too simplistic for skincare aficionados, but lucky every product that comes out of NYC’s most famous apothecary is effective, functional and expertly developed.

Men-ü, Travel Kit, £34.95

Ideal for those amongst us who like their skincare routines to be simple yet high-quality, Men-ü have the perfect kit. Comprised of The Daily Refresh Shampoo, Citrus & Mint Shower Gel, Liquifflex hair cream plus three mini tubes of shaving cream, facial wash and matt skin gel, this travel kit is all-encompassing. The products are non-drying and wonderfully scented, providing the perfect awakening sensation for when your jet-lag is beginning to take its toll. I particularly like the addition of the matt skin gel as the effects of flying can be super disrupting to our skin – personally I become oily and am prone to breakouts, and having a handy tube of mattifying gel in my bag would be a real life-saver come touch-down.

Murdock London, A Gentleman Of Two Cities, £40

With a welcome emphasis on hair care, Murdock London’s travel kit offering delivers a thoroughly British dose of grooming familiarity to your carry-on. Sea Salt Spray, Quince & Oakmoss Shampoo and Texture Paste are perfect for taming unruly post-flight follicles, and the accompanying Black Tea cologne and body wash deliver a comfortingly invigorating dose of home, wherever you may be in the world.

Philip Kingsley, Body and Volume Jet Set, £29.50

One of the worst things about air travel is the hideous effect it has on our hair. For me, a long-haul flight means waking up bleary eyed at my destination, oily rooted, one side of my hair and face having been shoved into a window all night long. Not the best look to deboard with. Thankfully, hair experts Philip Kingsley have solved the issue of deflated post-travel roots with their Body and Volume Jet Set kit. Including their (frankly incredible) Elasticizer treatment alongside the Body Building shampoo and conditioner duo, popping this handy kit in your carry-on will ensure that not only is your hair nourished and protected from overexposure to sun, but it will still be bouncy and voluminous despite the negative effects of aviation. Plus, the clear bag means you won’t even need to decant it at security.

by Thomas Marrington