Heaven scent for Valentine’s Day – the Glass perfumes of choice

YSL FLORAL SHOCK 50ML[1]Black Opium Floral Shock

Black Opium Floral Shock
This brand new and exciting fragrance, launched by the esteemed French beauty brand Yves Saint Laurent, has been created with sensuality in mind. It delivers an iconic, distinctly distinguishable and utterly unforgettable scent – blending notes of coffee and vanilla with floral accents of fresh gardenia, pear and orange blossom.

by Amanda Bernstein

Priced at £70 for 50ml  (EDP) and available from Selfridges


Kilian_Love_50ml Image 1Love, Don’t Be Shy by Kilian

Love, Don’t Be Shy by Kilian
For this year’s Valentine’s Day the inspired French luxury perfume brand By Kilian entreats Love, Don’t Be Shy which promises an enticing “sweet treat”. For those committed to sensuality, this scent opens gently with neroli, with sambac jasmine with rose and iris at the heart, until it swoons in the passionate embrace of vanilla and musk.

by Caroline Simpson

Love, Don’t Be Shy by Kilian (EDP) retails for £195 for 50ml and is available at the Kilian Boutique at 26 Burlington Arcade, Mayfair, London and Harrods.

For a limited time only, the fragrance is packaged in a stand-out clutch – adorned with gold messages relevant to selected fragrances. To ensure you never run out of your favourite scent, 50ml refills are also available at all boutiques and are priced at £100.


Roja Dove

Ti Amo from Roja Parfums

Ti Amo from Roja Parfums
Ti Amo from Roja Parfums Profumi D’Amore collection was created exclusively for Valentine’s Day by the British master perfumer Roja Dove who was inspired to bring this perfume into being by a curious tale about an aphrodisiac Casanova used – that of grating (the very rare) ambergris into drinking  chocolate to stoke – and maintain – his own passions.

Dove calls  Ti Amo (how those words issue breathfully from the mouth) “a love letter in fragrant form” and this luxurious rich, creamy and sensual oriental scent contains aphrodisiacs ambergris, cacao and vanilla as well as invigorating ginger and pink pepper, mellow sandalwood and patchouli, all accentuated by Iris and Rose de Mai from Grasse.

by Caroline Simpson

Ti Amo from Roja Parfums retails at £425 (EDP) 50ml and is available from Roja Dove website  or Harrods, Fortnums, Selfridges and the Roja Dove Boutique 51 Burlington Arcade, Mayfair, London

Juliette Has A Gun MMMM

Juliette Has A Gun MMMM
Named after the onomatopoeic relishing murmur MMMM, the latest fragrance from Juliette Has A Gun, founder and perfumer Romano Ricci alludes to – and conjures up – unspoken, whispered pleasures. Presented in a covet-worthy raspberry pink protective bottle, this scent has raspberry (of course) and neroli top notes, a warm loving heart of orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose moored by sandalwood and patchouli.

by Caroline Simpson

Juliette Has A Gun MMMM (EDP) retails at £76 (50ml) or £99 (100ml) and is available at Selfridges

ROSA_MOCENIGA_EDT100ml_lowThe Merchant of Venice Rosa Moceniga

The Merchant of Venice – Rosa Moceniga
I love a perfume in a pretty bottle that you can display without worrying about daylight degrading the precious juice inside. So imagine my delight when I saw Rosa Moceniga from the Italian perfume company The Merchant of Venice which is encased in a gorgeous Murano glass bottle to cherished forever. Named after a rare Chinese rose imported into Italy during the Napoleon era, the Rosa Moceniga itself is unique as its colour changes as it grows and it also has a unusual fruity scent. The scent itself has a vanilla, musk base with heart of magnolia and brightening top notes of green lemon, blackcurrant leaves and, of course rose. A gift to cherish.

by Caroline Simpson

The Merchant of Venice – Rosa Moceniga (EDP) retails at £80 for 50ml, £120 for 100ml and is available exclusively at the House of Fraser

Bijou Romantique copy_lowBijou Romantique

Bijou Romantique
Bijou Romantique is, indeed, a romantic jewel from the avant garde French fragrance house Etat Libre d’Orange and created as an homage to the Jamesian Portrait of a Lady spirited and independent heroine Isabel Archer. Intensely feminine and dreamy, composed of bergamot, vetiver as well as vanilla, iris and patchouli, Bijou Romantique is seductive while hovering over the corporeal plane.

by Caroline Simpson

Bijou Romantique  (EDP) is available online from Etat Libre d’Orange or at Bloom London and retails at £82 (50ml) and £115 (100ml)

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