London International Mime Festival – Where boundaries between reality and the imagination are merged


This year marks the 38th year of the London  International Mime Festival. With contributions from all over the globe including an Italian take on James Joyce’s renowned 1914 work The Dead from The Città Di Ebla company and The Spitfire Company’s One Step Before the Fall is an empowering tale which shows the human battle between triumph and failure within the confines of a boxing ring, inspired by Mohammad Ali and his final fight with Parkinsons disease.

5.Compagnie 111, What's Become of You (Questcequetudeviens) Stéphanie Fuster. Photo credit Aglaé Bory (1)Companie 111’s performance of What’s Become of You?

Other must-sees include Catalan performers Marta Torrents and Pau Portabella demonstrate a myriad of raw emotions in Fet a Mà which uses circus as a medium to reveal the darkest secrets of the human soul; and Aurelie Borg and Stephen Fuster’s What’s Become of You? (Quest-ce que tu deveins) bursts onto the stage with flame-like flamenco as the dancer embarks on an emancipatory search for herself with all the energy and power that this involves.


mime fest edit 2Scene from What’s Become of You? at The Barbican.

Performance locations include: The Southbank Centre’s Queen Elisabeth HallThe BarbicanThe Platform Theatre and The Royal Opera House.

by Georgia Leefe

The International Mime Festival is on in London until February 1. To book tickets, please visit here

Images courtsey of Arthur Leone Pr