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THE theme of this issue is patience, one of the original virtues, and one much tested these days, when instant results and responsesare now expected de rigueur – whether it’s immediate replies to emails and text messages or quick fixes for longstanding and entrenched social, political or economic problems. We admire patience in others, yet it’s so very difficult to acquire for ourselves.Patience doesn’t mean being a passive pushover, however – patience gives power. 

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From left to right: Arizona Muse, Alek Wek, Karmen Pedaru, Kate Beckinsale

And at its heart, it’s about being patient with people – infuriating people, arrogant people, testing people – those who stand in our way and those who make life hard for us. So it’s inspiring to learn from those who have persevered through the struggle of adversity and discrimination and have reaped the reward of a patient temperament that we can only admire. In this issue of Glass, we introduce you to some extraordinary people, hoping that their path in life can give you a new perspective on your own search for patience. 

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From left to right: Douglas Booth, Jon Kortajarena, Steven Yeun, Tyson Beckford, Sean O’Pry

Many have suffered discrimination, from Lucia Silvestri and her long journey to recognition in a male-dominated world of gem buying; to Douglas Booth who emerged from an education hampered by severe dyslexia into a remarkable acting career; and supermodel Tyson Beckford, who almost lost a job when the front desk thought he was a delivery man because of his skin colour. Yet Beckford sums up his secret as, “I still wake up every morning and thank God I’m alive,” and, “No matter what happens or what I do, I’ve always tried to remain open and positive.” 

Adele Tasker by Agata Pospieszyńska

Adele Taska in Prada

Leah Rodl in Bottega Chanel CastelCliff

 Leah Rodl in Bottega Veneta, Chanel and Castlecuff

Alicia Holtz in Louis Vuitton AW17

Alicia Holtz in Louis Vuitton

I was inspired by the remarkable patience and tenacity shown in Lucia Silvestri’s anecdote about a 50carat rough sapphire that took ten years before the stone was cut to her satisfaction and could be made into a necklace. So hold fast to your vision for yourself, and don’t become mired in the many frustrations of daily life. Vision is fundamentally important, as our interview with leading perfumer Francis Kurkdjian makes so clear: his creative process starts with envisioning an idea, encapsulating it in a name, and then working to bring it to reality. 

Ben Archer in Fendi

Finnlay Davis wearing Fendi

So how can a parent teach a child to be patient? Inevitably it involves helping the child to learn to make room for other people, to wait rather than demand, and to understand why other people sometimes don’t do what you want them to do. This understanding of other people is at the heart of being patient – not judging others unless you have walked in their shoes. This is never easy, and can take lifetime of practice, as the dark side of impatience is being judgmental, harsh and dismissive. 

Junior Choi in Valentino Anderson and Sheppard

Junior Choi in Valentino and Anderson & Sheppard

And that underpins our interview with Autistica’s Chief Executive, Jon Spiers, exploring how they are working to promote greater understanding of autism and all forms of neurodiversity. Each one of us faces our own unique challenges, but cultivating patience not only brings us peace of mind for ourselves, but also helps us spread kindness to those around us. 

I hope this issue of Glass gives some insight into the power of patience. 

By Caroline Simpson 

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