The Savoy’s American Bar launches new cocktail menu

REQUIRING no introduction, the Savoy’s American Bar has retained an independent reputation all of its own. Since 1904 it’s been serving the finest cocktails, or American drinks as they were named, tucked away in one of London’s most popular five-star hotels. Launching their new cocktail menu late last month, The Savoy has embarked on a celebratory journey of the Britain from south to north. With cocktails made from ingredients grown and made only in the UK, guests embark on romantic exploration of the UK’s landscapes, folklore and industrial history.

Bright Light Cities. Coast to Coast Menu. Credits to Rob LawsonBright Light Cities. Coast to Coast Menu. Photograph: Rob Lawson

The complete menu titled Coast to Coast is organised into five regions, starting in Kent with The Garden of England, then onto a sophisticated Art Deco section, the magical Sherwood Forest, up to The Pennines representing Yorkshire and Lancashire in the Industrial Revolution and finally stopping at Edinburgh Castle in Castle Rock.

Oast House Fizz. Coast to Coast Menu. Credits to Rob LawsonOast House Fizz. Coast to Coast Menu. Photograph: Rob Lawson

Starting south the drinks are fresh and long, and moving northwards the drinks progressively get stronger and shorter. Bespoke server wear has designed for impact, different with each region – our favourite was The Frosty Reception (Sherwood Forest) served in a silver goblet and wooden dish, and St Margarets Chapel – a take on the classic Negroni – perched on a slate podium to represent the one of Scotland’s most well known castles.

It’s a shame that Wales and Northern Ireland are curiously missed out, but a shame we’re willing to forgive as the drinks are inventive but retain the elegance you’d expect from the Savoy.

by Stephanie Clair

Savoy’s American Bar  Strand, London WC2R 0EU

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