Tiffany celebrates A Brilliant Legacy in Beijing

Last week, Tiffany & Co unveiled the legendary 128-carat Tiffany Diamond in Beijing, China. Originally debuted in 1878, the Tiffany Diamond is the finest and most beautiful fancy yellow diamond in history, as well as the only named after Tiffany.

The presentation of the original diamond marked the opening of the jewel house’s momentous new exhibition, A Brilliant Legacy, which marks the house’s 175th year at the forefront of fine jewellery design.


The exhibition opened on December 7th, with over 200 guests attending the celebratory gala. Star of the show was Carina Lau, who arrived in the breathtaking Tiffany Rhapsody necklace. Also in attendance were Ni Ni, Shu-pei Qin, Liang Zhang, Da-wei Tong, Yue Guan, Joe Chen and Tao Yin.

“The Tiffany Diamond is our greatest icon. It has been the cornerstone of our legacy with its rarity, unrivalled quality, outstanding craftsmanship and excellent design, manifesting the vision of our founder. Presenting this legendary icon in Beijing shows our commitment to China, an important strategic market in our development plan,” said Micheal Kowalski, chairman and chief executive officer of Tiffany & Co.




by Roberta Lister