Tomo Campbell and Alexandre Mattiussi of Ami collaborate for Frieze London

LONDON’s Cob Gallery and Paris-based brand Ami are coming together to celebrate artist Tomo Campbell and Creative Director Alexandre Mattiussi of Ami as they both showcase their new collections.

Campbell is well-known for his large oil paintings usually centred around traditional subjects but from a more abstract perspective. During London’s Frieze Week, Campbell will be putting on his second solo exhibition in Cob Gallery titled Go On Then,  which will showcase a mixture of canvas work that incorporates an array of media usage.

Whilst Campbell is doing this, Mattiussi will be presenting his first full womenswear collection for his brand Ami during Paris Fashion Week alongside his usual menswear.

As a collective, the pair will be working together to make an installation for the French brand’s London store on Duke Street.

Tomo Campbell To Alex; courtesy of Ami and Cob Gallery

A three-minute short film by Frieze Creative Publishing and Rose Forde will document this collaboration as both creatives prepare for their events and their shared goal.

The film will oversee both creatives over the course of a day, starting from the morning until the late evening. Not only will the viewer be given an insight into their respective works and how they work, but also into the creatives lives.

Mattiussi and Campbell will speak on their progression in their respective career paths, and what has influenced them to create what they are putting out now.

Additionally, the honest and open narrative will continue as nerves and anxiety about unveiling their new pieces will be explained to show a deeper insight into this period of time for them.

by Imogen Clark 

Through a Zoom conference call on 15 October, the creatives will be speaking to Harriet Verney about their careers and work, but more interestingly, how the current climate has influenced the way they work and how they have had to adapt.

A three-minute short film by Frieze Creative Publishing and Rose Forde will be available to watch on 14 October on