Alighieri and Yoox launch capsule collection as an ode to friendship

FASHION house Alighieri and Yoox have dropped their exclusive capsule collection, celebrating the unique bond between friends and the intimate moments they share together. 

Alighieri x Yoox

With Gen Z-ers in mind, Alighieri has designed a gold broken heart padlock which fits together in reunion and a bracelet with a padlock chain – both symbolising being in unison and togetherness. Also available for purchase are two rings and a pair of brightly coloured ceramic earrings.

Alighieri x Yoox

The idea behind the designs came from a wholesome desire to guide the younger generation through what life can throw at them. Therefore, they are pieces for people to keep through close to them through all the ups and downs; a constant reminder of loved ones and a symbol of the power and strength these bonds have.

Founder of Alighieri, Rosh Mahtani, openly says how the brand was set up to guide her through a dark time, so this capsule is here to help do the same for others in some way.

Alighieri x Yoox

As part of Yooxygen, a destination for products solely dedicated to sustainable consumerism, the capsule keeps Alighieri’s ethical and mindful practices at the forefront. So they continue to share the love without leaving traces of it in their footprint.

By Pia Brynteson

All items will be available to purchase exclusively on Yoox